Daycare, Nutritional Failings, Lovies and What-Ifs

Daycare found. Thank god. She's a former nurse and specializes in teeny babies and only takes four at a time. Deposit placed, spot secured.

I have GOT TO buckle down and quit dicking around with my diet. Today I had a banana, slice of PB toast (Udi's), a banana berry GF muffin that gave me horrible heartburn (like all damn day heartburn), some turkey meatloaf, a few slices of apple and peanut butter, a Chipotle chicken bowl with extra lettuce, trail mix with dark chocolate, tortilla chips, apple with peanut butter and the rest of the turkey meatloaf. [Wow reading this makes me realize the true extent of my shitty eating. In my defense I'm not sleeping that great...erghhh].That's right people, far FAR too many nuts, shitty carbs and a mere one serving of green vegetables all day. Say what you will about the Whole 30, and you know I gots plenty to say about it, mostly good but some bad, the key to that shiz is the green vegetables. They are the KEY for detoxing and feeling great. So. After *tomorrow, I'm doing a Whole 7 to see how I feel. Then I may extend that to the following week. I can commit a week at a time, but two weeks from now is our chocolate tasting night and peeps, I'm having chocolate.

Why *tomorrow? Tomorrow is a little get-together for me; fine it's a baby shower but it's not a BAYBEEEEEE SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's just a luncheon with close girlfriends to celebrate baby boy and well, the insane journey that led us here. At my very favorite restaurant. With amazing food. That I plan on enjoying. I actually got very weepy tonight thinking about the network of love and support I've been able to count on leading up to this pregnancy and throughout. I'm a lucky girl. I feel abundantly loved.

Oh and I went to the doc today: nothing more uplifting then talking about your advanced directive with the admissions peeps, and then talking with the doc about what if I go into labor before April 9. The problem is Pete's job is closer to Redwood City. So if I go into labor and he's not here, then I guess I'll drive myself over to RWC? I guess I could go to the Kaiser hospital in Oakland, but I didn't like the docs there. If I drive myself, then what if I need Lucia to be picked up from school? I mean, the car and her carseat will be over at the hospital. Then what? This is stressful and crazy to think about, but I guess we'll have to have some type of contingency/peeps on call. Gah. Also, the doc was like, well if you get here and you're 8cm, we could give the VBAC a shot. To which I answered, that's assuming I hang out at home in labor, which I assure you will not be happening. At the first sign, I'll be launching Operation Baby Boy Is A-Comin and will be heading to RWC to git 'er done.

Last tidbit: Lucia has been expressing some uh, angst over my c-section. We have talked about how some babies go through the magic tunnel to be born, and other times they come out after the doctor cuts the mommy's belly. This apparently scared the bajesus out of her; she told Mary last weekend she was worried. The other night she looked at me and asked, are you worried about the baby? I said, no (LIES), are you? She said, yeah, I'm a little bit worried about the doctors cutting into you. We talked about it and I told her it wouldn't hurt me and the doctors were very very smart. I know she'll feel better after we take her to the sibling preparation class next month. BUT I asked her teacher today if she has mentioned it, and she said yes actually, and that she herself had two C-sections and talked to Lucia about them. What a blessing, you know? She really looks up to her teacher and can see her functioning and OK from having a C-section, though yes, it was years ago. I am really comforted to hear that Lucia had someone to talk to about it, who had been there. A true relief.


  1. So excited for you and your family with little boy coming soon!!

    Oh god, how I hated the heartburn during pregnancy. Awful.

    Hey, I always ask for extra lettuce on my chicken bowl, too:)!

    Wow, that Lucia is so inquisitive about the c-section and aware of her feelings.

    It's so wonderful that you have such a good group of friends. Enjoy your day!!

    1. Thanks Julie!! The heartburn is the absolute worst with raspberries -- who knew?? Lucia is super curious and in touch with her feelings. I'm also crazy about assessing her and reading what's up and trying to pull it out of her. I'm indeed very luck. xoxoxo Hope you're doing well.


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