Blood sugar

I've been crazy thirsty and drinking at least two gallons of water a day since last weekend's festivities and was talking to Mary about it on Friday and she suggested maybe I was leaning in the gestational diabetes direction. Yikes. So I took my blood sugar after lunch, and it was 88. Slightly low, if anything; my acupuncturist (a Type 1 diabetic herself) likes for it to be around 100-110 an hour after meals. So that night I decided it would be fine if I had GF pizza for dinner; it was pesto chicken so I felt like it had some protein, at least. I was so very wrong: my blood sugar shot up like a rocket to 172. Gahhhh. I felt terrible about it, as in really stupid and irresponsible. I knew it was just temporary, but I know better than that; I know what happens internally when blood sugar is that high. Not good, peeps. Not good at all.

So today I took my blood sugar after each meal: it was 88 (fasting), 106, 87 and 97. The 97 was after a roasted yam for dinner, so whoo hooooo, looks like I can eat those without worry. Awesome. I'm thankful for a great day; I knew what to eat today and made great choices to get me there.

The weird thing is my anxiety was OFF THE CHARTS BANANAS ZOMG today. Like, almost had a panic attack. Like, had to talk to myself in the mirror to try to get talked down off the ledge. And even then, had to call my mom and say I'M FREAKING OUT HELP ME. Impending doom! Must solve all problems right now!

This seems to happen over and over after I indulge, and I swear it's not guilt or just regret playing out; something happens when I indulge like that and overdo it on the sugar or carbs (or whatever happened last night; Pete thought the crust might have sugar in it). It's getting harder and harder to dismiss as just guilt or some kink in my perceived-perfectionism that I messed up; I'm starting to believe its physiological. It makes me straight-up Looney Tunes.

So onward with cleaner eating, no more dark chocolate while I obsessively watch Downton Abbey. More vegetables and better choices. I want to feel better and not bananas.