Happy Valentine's Day?

  1. April 9 is the day we meet our son. I can't really believe he's going to be here. It's the only day my doc was actually available; we had four other days to choose but I just wasn't comfortable with someone I don't know cutting into me. Guess the Norwegians will have to have a new reason to remember that day. :)
  2. I'm struggling with some navel gazing related to my identity as a mom and my role in our family and knowing that I'll basically have to let Pete take over while I'm down for the count with the surgery. Gulp. 
  3. I'm so completely overwhelmed with work and #2 that nutrition has taken a backseat and I'm realizing that it's certainly not helping matters. 
  4. BUT I'm through a round of public meetings for my Important Project at work, so I am working from home today and am going to focus on vegetables vegetables vegetables and a nap in the afternoon. 
Not much else to update over here. Carry on with your Thursday. Thankful we celebrate our anniversary the week prior to Valentine's day so we never have to worry about cards, etc.