Yet Another Nutrition/Eating Post

Welp. I went off the rails on Monday. I don't exactly know what happened, but dammit I just wanted tortilla chips. So I had them. 

Then I didn't plan yesterday and got stuck doing a mailing for 2,000 people (seriously) and didn't want to be perceived as a whiny pregnant lady who neeeeeeeeded a breaaaaaaak for a snack (which no one would have thought, but me, so I should have asked for what I needed), so by the time we got to dinner I may have eaten half Ok fine, maybe two-thirds of a basket of sweet potato fries. Today I feel awful. Sluggish, tired, like I have shitty fuel in my system (likely because I do). 

I read this post yesterday and really liked it. I thought about it a lot and wondered why/how was I able to be pretty successful with Lean Eating, and I think it's the small changes that add up over time. Specifically:

“But what about programs like Whole30?”
While programs like these work for some people (and if you’re one of those people, by all means go for it), they’re often temporary changes that require incredible amounts of willpower. After all, these programs take you from an average American diet to an extremely strict paleo diet overnight. You think you’re doing the right thing, but you’re really setting yourself up for failure.  I will say that these programs are great if you’re already 85-90% of the way there and just need an extra push to get you to finish your journey.
So if I don’t want you to JUST GOT FOR IT, what should you do instead?
So I recalibrated yesterday and thought about what makes me feel good. What's the optimal way I'd like to eat every day? I DO admit really liking that I seemed to debloat and depuff from doing the Whole 30, and I attribute that to more green vegetables and well, less crap. Sugar and hordes of almond butter do not lend to one feeling this one. I feel like a junkie around the almond butter; STILL and so quickly again. I bought a bag of almonds on Sunday and Lucia and I have already finished all the almond butter it made. Gah. Rather than come back to some all-or-nothing mandate, I'm going to ask myself every day when planning my meals out: what would make me feel good today, and aim for that instead of "the rules." I know what makes me feel OK; I know what my body needs and how it responds.