New Makeup!

I saw this pin on Pinterest a few months ago and it stuck with me, so I decided to click through and watch the tutorial of how to do highlighting and contouring. Contouring is creating shadows where you'd normally see them, and highlighting is well, highlighting the parts of your face that you want. Or so I've gleaned.

Initial tutorial. 

My mom was here, so we watched these and discussed at length how we could achieve that look. That first tutorial made it seem like a lot of steps and kinda overwhelming, and I remembered that Whoorl also did a similar one. Then I found that Lisa Eldridge did one too and watched that. I ordered the stupid Maybelline Dream Lumi concealer recommended in the first one, and of course it didn't work. What's the sense in buying a $9 product if you can't use it? I gave it to my mom, who has slightly darker skin and was able to use it. I decided to purchase Bobbi Brown bronzer and the Becca Shimmering Highlighter in Pearl; I found a Sephora gift card so I had a discount anyway. Voila:

As instructed, I do the bronzing powder in a 3 pattern after I have everything else on. I erred on the lighter shade for bronzing powder, because I didn't want to worry about applying too much. I got the Golden Light. Above I also have on concealer, tinted moisturizer, blush (see below about that). [The Bobbi Brown undereye concealer, while fantastic, takes three steps, and that's probably what takes the longest each morning; blending, applying and making sure it's out of the creases and well, that I have on enough (I tend to skimp).]

After the bronzer, I apply the shimmering pearl stuff (the teensiest amount) to my upper cheekbones/eye socket area, above my brows, down the center of my nose, and above my cupid's bow (this requires brushing my teeth before this step -- LIFE IS HARD!) 

Throughout this pregnancy people keep telling me I'm glowing and welp, it could be Baby Boy, but I suspect it's the cream blush I was rocking. I had a sample of Clinique's blushwear in Rosy and really loved it (I'm just about it out of it). I've been interested in the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge blush for a few months, so I went to try on colors. I got the powder pink shade. I think the Clinique is creamier/easier to apply, but the Bobbi Brown stays on ALL DAY. I also picked up an unexpected item: the most amazing thing ever, i.e. the brow pencil in blonde, which is the PERFECT shade for my brows. Freaking LOVE it. Here I also have on an old lip liner and Burt's Bees lip balm, which is becoming my everyday lip color this season. I'm still experimenting with eyeshadows; I can't seem to find the right color. If I use even a nudey palette, I feel like I have too much makeup on. I can't remember what I have on in this picture of course. 

Anyway, I'm super happy with my new look; it's nice to feel pretty at this stage of the pregnancy. I remember with Lucia's pregnancy by this time I stopped wearing makeup altogether  This time I've made a huge effort, as I have mentioned, to try harder and as a result, feel not so alien and more like myself. Good stuff. 


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