How Are Those Workouts Coming Along?


  1. Flu recovery = no freaking joke. Peeps, I think I did something to a rib or two on my right side; I ache when I sneeze/cough, get in and out of bed, hug Pete, etc. Ache. If I sit for too long, ache. If I sit the wrong way, ache. Ugh. I thought maybe some of this was baby related, but I'm not sure. Which brings me to...
  2. Baby Boy is uh, crazy in there. For starters, it's a party in there starting around 5-6 a.m. every morning. Second, he's positioned high up so if I sit the wrong way, I cannot breathe. Add this to #1 and dammit I'm uncomfortable. I was super close -- getting closer peeps! to breaking out the yoga mat and trying some downward dog to get him to move down. But then I decided to watch TV instead. 
  3. I browsed all of my Lean Eating workouts (each month we got a new one) and picked the one from last March/April. I figured it was a good phase, since I was getting the hang of things. I reviewed the exercises and told myself a hundred times, you can lower the weight as much as you feel comfortable to do just 15 reps. Just lower the weight, dude. You'll feel great once you get back into the swing of things. 
  4. Then that didn't happen on the days I planned. I'm uncomfortable, and asked myself the other day, do you even feel like working out? Is this what you feel like doing? And understand peeps, I love working out. I really do. So if I don't feel like it? That's worth paying attention to. 
  5. Then I modified the workout to do more bodyweight or what I thought I could handle. Telling myself all along, you can do this, not a big deal, just go and get it done. 
  6. Didn't happen. Soreness from #1 and well, fatigue. Posted on the private Lean Eaters group (my team) and they said I was being too hard on myself. To just maybe start with going for a walk. I haven't been in the gym since Dec. 19. Ugh. 
  7. My gym bag is sitting here at the office, my workouts ready to print and put in my neon sleeve thingy to take with me, ipod loaded, etc. 
  8. I'm aiming for Monday. Let's see how it goes Monday. 
  9. I'm going for a walk this weekend just to see how that goes. Although walking into work today with my laptop slung across me left me winded, so I think baby is just pushing on my lungs or something. I dunno. I'm winded. 
  10. The thing is, I know how to work really, really hard in the gym. What continues to be a struggle, and I have documented uh, extensively here, is eating slow and mindfully. So I'm trying to also aim for that. 
  11. And I may have to let the badass workouts go.