Flu and Peanut Butter

Hi. First, I have the flu. Actually we all do. I went to my doc yesterday (the one who diagnosed sinus infection on Tuesday was a phoner and not my doc) after I noticed my fever wasn't going down after 48 hours on the antibiotics, which would have surely happened if it was just a sinus infection. I love my doc because she's just recently had a baby but she's also really straightforward. So she's like, ok, let's talk about your symptoms. Me: feel like I've been hit by a car, fever, cough, sore throat, headache, trouble with my asthma. She examines me and is like um yeah it's not a sinus infection, it's the flu. Ugh. So there's that.

Second, I crawled into bed last night after eating dinner an hour prior, and said to Pete: I'm hungry and I want to sleep through the night and not wake up hungry again. I'm going to eat some peanut butter, it's not Whole30 approved but I know what my body needs most and I need fat to stay satiated and get some quality sleep. 

So that ended the official Whole 30, I mean I guess. [Not that it matters in the long term when hello DO NOT GOOGLE PREGNANCY FEVER AND FLU.] Not that I'm abandoning ship, it's just that technically you can't call it a Whole30 if you eat something not Whole30 approved. Are you rolling your eyes? I know, me too. I should also say that I've technically been off-plan after having sugar free cough drops this week and well, bacon cured with sugar (most bacon is) from the start. So whatevs. 

I hate coconut, so my options for fat have been bacon fat, olive oil and avocados. I'm eating eggs every day cooked in bacon fat, and putting it on roasted yams. I cook almost everything else in olive oil. But I can't seem to get enough fat in my system to stay satiated and well, to be honest, I don't have a ton of options at my disposal right now given I don't have the energy to dream up inventive recipes or hell, even go to the grocery store to get bacon. 

And I've been waking up famished and having to eat in the middle of the night again, just like in the first trimester when I was constantly hangry. While a mere annoyance then, it's uh, not really OK when you have the flu and all you want to do is stay in bed. 

As Pete was complaining of his acheyness last night, I said to him, can you imagine trying to knockit out of the park at work this week and taking Lucia to school? WHILE BEING PREGNANT? He said no, dude, you're like some kind of super human. 

I pretend to be. But I don't have to be. This is where my limits are, Whole30. I listened to my body and needed to feed myself and baby and sleep through the night. While I woke up anyway to take my inhaler and have some hot tea, I wasn't starving and the peanut butter worked. I'll get some almonds and make almond butter to do the same. I'm not eating GF pancakes or off the rails mainlining dark chocolate or Doritos, but allowing myself a smidge of peanut butter in the most desperate of times last night seemed uh, reasonable. It wasn't the kind that I love, that triggers the kind of cravings and checking out in me, so that's good (and almond butter doesn't do that either). I'm still going forward with the rest of the guidelines for the rest of the month and maybe longer.