Feeling good = good choices

We are going to a brunch this morning. I may have cried last night about it: the thought of being around all that food that I can't - rather I choose to not - have just got to me. It's at a preschool parents house, she's almost criminally laid back. Maybe in a good way. So this morning I got up and decided to make myself a salad to take that I could eat: spinach with an entire bag of thawed out organic mixed berries, grilled chicken, pine nuts and Dijon balsamic vinaigrette.

I also put extra effort into my outfit and makeup so I'd feel extra cute. I spent some extra time on my makeup and chose accessories to make me feel good. I've read this but wearing tighter clothes this pregnancy makes me feel so much more attractive vs. frumpy and fat. Feeling good means good choices. Here I go.