Coping Mechanisms

After looking at rentals on the Peninsula again and being dismayed, again, with the prices, we are contemplating staying put for longer and putting away Pete's entire salary so that we can have a down payment for a house and move a year from now.

Our place is really nice, don't get me wrong. But it's about 900-1000 SF (small for American standards) and well, that's gonna be tight with two kids. Ugh. So we've started looking at some places where we can declutter and get rid of stuff so that we make more space; better utilize our space and it feels more functional for us.

I saw this on Facebook and thought, wow what a simple way to break down the decluttering.

Then I envisioned all the places we could make huge differences in our place. In baby steps. I mean, I think I could do the spice cabinet while cooking dinner (when I am well). And I started, Thursday night, to which Pete looked at me (perhaps rightfully so?) like I had three heads and was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING GET BACK IN BED AND REST, but I'm like, I'll stop in 5 minutes (totally did not stop in 5 minutes). I went through this enormous plastic tub we have in our bedroom closet full of half-used products, expired medications and vitamins. In 30 minutes, I had removed 75% of it and put a bag of barely used stuff of Freecycle (which was taken immediately). Just like that; one thing done. When I'm better, I plan on making a list of things to declutter then doing them one by one. We're going to tackle the bin in the hall closet which has long been neglected, then a box of Pete's, then the rest of the hall closet. Then our worst clutter offender, the office/bar area. We're going to systematically go through it and be ruthless about purging. That's the key to sanity in living in a small place, I've found; regularly purging of old stuff. Once we get the bar area cleaned out, we're going to move the entertainment center flush up against the wall to make the living room appear much more spacious. Stuff that's lining that wall will go into the newly organized closets. We're going to prime and paint our old shoe rack and buy baskets from IKEA and voila, baby boy has a place for his clothes.

Perhaps its nesting, perhaps its just my coping mechanism from being sidelined with sickness, but dudes I am excited about getting this place in shape. Woo!