And On the Eighth Day

She deemed it was good. 

No seriously peeps, I almost made out with my salad today, which ordinarily would have been ho-hum: mixed greens, 1/2 avocado, 10? kalamata olives, carrot shreds, grape tomatoes, red peppers and red onions. With my dijon vinaigrette brought from home. It was DELISH. It's like my taste buds have come back to life again; it's what I hear happens with smokers. But for reals, I really enjoyed my food today. 

I'm noticing that before each meal it really helps to take a deep breath. If I start hoovering my food, I put down my fork and take another deep breath. I take the time to eat my food. 

We went to Chipotle tonight, and typically I get all whipped up about it and really, really enjoy my dinner. I just didn't tonight. On the Whole 30 the only meat that allowed is not cooked in soybean oil (ugh) is carnitas, which is great cause I love it anyway. I got a bowl with the three salsas (no corn), guac and lettuce and it was just meh. So funny. I don't know if it's just an off-night at Chipotle or -- what I suspect -- is food is starting to be just food. No charge, just food. Still good and can be really awesome, but honestly, the roasted yams I had with bacon fat the other night were way more pleasurable than tonight's meal. Interesante. 

In other news, I sprained my ankle, I can't remember if I posted here or just on Facebook, the Friday before Christmas break. It was a horrendously stressful week full of insane client demands and other peeps over committing my time and resources to deliver something to make them shine. A clusterfuck for sure. I posted about the ankle over on Team Hansen. Anyway, it's still sore, despite me wanting it to be totally fine and what sprained ankle? I iced it tonight; my first day back in the office left it very sore. Ow. 

Also in other news, I had a cold, then was getting better, then inadvertently ate gluten at the Norwegian Church on Christmas Eve (damn those Swedes with their delicious fish gratin dish!) and was horribly sick (read: sneezing, congested, wheezing, fun!) on Christmas. Then I caught another cold. I am still not well. I have now given it to Lucia, so we're taking turns on coughs, only at different pitches. Poor thing begged to go to bed tonight, and that's after honey elixer, a teeny cup of hot tea and Flovent (and a strange allergic reaction we think to a tree?). Apparently this constantly being sick while pregnant thing is just how things go when you have spring babies; you're sick the whole pregnancy because you're immune system is shot. At least that's what other peeps are telling me. 

My point in telling you these last things? I haven't been to the gym in two weeks. TWO WEEKS. I am losing my mind and while I know I know I know it's not good to exercise with dodgy ankle and lungs, man I miss my workouts. I miss pushing hard and sweating and feeling all muscley when I'm done and the days after.  As soon as I'm better, I'm starting Phase 3 (we received 11 Phases of workouts through LE). Until then, pass the frozen corn and hot tea. Sigh.