100000 weeks pregnant

Somehow, overnight I have gone from a whistling do-do-do-do happy go lucky pregnancy at 29.5 weeks to WTF I have HOW MANY WEEKS LEFT OF THIS? I am excruciatingly tired. Yesterday I worked the preschool fair, thinking I'd be sitting at a table handing out info. Nope, I was standing for three hours and was practically delirious afterwards. Because I'm insane, I had errands to run that had to get done yesterday, so I got some cold water and kept going. Big mistake. By the time I got home I collapsed into bed and wait for this parenting gem, handed Lucia the ipad and told her to get in her bed and watch as many movies as she wanted. Ahem.

Today, I got up early, made breakfast for everyone, braved IKEA (using my super sleuthy tactics, I was in and out of there in 30 minutes, and that's with a stop for a glass of water at the restaurant), Target, and Home Depot. With Lucia. By myself. By the time we got to swimming class, I told Pete I had to go rest in the car, and promptly fell sound asleep.

It feels like first trimester fatigue all over again. Then this afternoon, because we had a playdate, (of course we had a playdate, because why, this seems like a perfectly reasonable time to make new friends and really overextend myself, doesn't it? [I made Pete go with; I told him I just couldn't do it]) and I noticed I was dizzy. Then came the nausea.

WTF people.




I have been feeling freaking fantastic for the last 3-4 months and man this caught me off guard. I texted two girlfriends who recently had babies and asked, wtf. They said yep, little known fact is all the first trimester symptoms come back sometimes in the third. Gah.

I just had some toast and am hoping to not throw up tonight. Lord.


  1. Our bodies tell us when to slow down. It is up to us to listen to them. Don't be so hard when you cannot do everything you set out to do. We have to re-evaluate and determine what "needs" to be down vs what we "want" to get done. Scale back, listen, relax. And get some damn rest so you can get better! Xoxox
    P.s. - totally true the third is like the first x10 in fatigue. That's why we get the 2nd tri break.


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