Sickly (again)

1. Miserably sick. Got worried it was the flu last night as I felt like I had been hit by a car with achey-ness. But took Tylenol, my low-grade fever broke, and I felt some better. Am taking antibiotics, double my preventative inhaler, a new nose spray, and mucinex dm to help with my cough. Doc said (over the phone) that she thinks it's a sinus infection.

2. Surprisingly? Am not counting the days until the Whole 30 is over. Don't get me wrong, it would be SO much easier to have other foods (read: comforting foods) now that I'm sick, like corn tortilla tacos from Chipotle or GF sweet potato pancakes. But I'm really feeling great and plan on keeping going, and am not looking at this as a trial period. I'm not comforting myself with food anymore. I took the day off without pay to get better, so I'm asking for what I need rather than try to do an end-run around comfort. I need sleep and rest more than anything, so that's what I made happen today. It feels really good.