Under the Covers Hiding

I really want to be a positive person and be all pom-pommy and focusing on the great things but man, I am getting my ass handed to me at every turn lately. I could bullet out the reasons why life is uh, challenging these days, but it's hard in light of Newtown to see my struggles as anything but well, life and to not feel even a small sense of guilt for complaining about well, living. I don't want to hear it from myself. I'm overwhelmed. I won't be for much longer, hopefully. 


  1. Hang in there.

    It's okay to just cry & not 'feel grateful' about your life in light of Newtown and all the other great tragedies & just plain hard living for the poor, the sick, the lonely. There is so much pain in the is world. But there is so much love, too. Hide under your covers, but know you are loved.

    And it will be all better. Or at least a little bit okay.

    I need these words for myself lately, too.


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