Two ways of looking at the home situ this week:

1. Pete is gone all week at training and I have to single parent. I'm tired, don't sleep well when he's gone, and Lucia is in a phase where everything is a constant negotiation/boundary pushing. Work is bananas and I'm overwhelmed. Please don't let her act up, I can't handle it. I'm at capacity. I'm feeling sorry for myself. 


2. Lucia and I get so much solid time together this week! We get to do whatever we want and we can go out to dinner every night if we want. We get to make memories together, mother and daughter. I get to work from home two days this week to make things a bit easier on myself, and I'm getting stuff done around the house. That matters. 

I'm opting for #2. Last night I overstretched and was bitter after and Lucia asked me, why have you been mean to me today? :( x 10000. I'm sorry kid, I just got overwhelmed and sad that Daddy wasn't here. I'll try not to do that again. Today I opted for happy. Did she push buttons and boundaries? Yes. But I reinforced boundaries firmly but with a smile and soft heart. We've got plans all week to do stuff or not do stuff and I'm just going to focus on the good. 

It's going to be a good week; I'm making it so.