New conditioner and existential questions

New conditioner. Ok, so that other conditioner is OK for everyday detangling. But my shiz needs moisture. Enter this stuff. I don't have a lot of frizz and even I saw a huge improvement. You guys know I'm hopelessly lazy about my hair these days, right? I use water and maybe sometimes a teense of Bumble & Bumble Curl Reactivating mist (anymore and it tangles my hair horribly). This stuff may make me lazier even still! I used water on my hair yesterday, just plain ol spritz of water and it was a fine, fine hair day peeps. Get it for $9 at Whole Foods. Pretty rad. You probably think I say that about every conditioner, and well maybe I do. So I guess I'll say it about this one too. 

I've been doing a lot of Noticing & Naming, as we call it in Lean Eating, and I've thought about posting here, but then kinda asked myself why and what goal am I trying to achieve. I don't have a solid answer. I just keep posting. Sometimes posts serve as a bookmark on where I am in life; sometimes I think I write them for self-validation (which is often unnecessary, I'm finding) and sometimes I write posts to air my own dirty laundry, like a mini shaming that I'm hoping for? Man that sounds dark and twisty. Anyway, I've been grappling with how to continue to post here in a way that feels authentic and that I get something out of. Still thinking about it. Stay tuned. 


  1. I have straight boring hair, but I do love good shampoo. That being said, I also love using the manfriend's head and shoulders. I also LOVE the smell of Bumble and Bumble products. Now if only they weren't so darn spendy. If it means anything, I always enjoy reading about your fitness, baby growth, work, life, etc, but of course you should do what makes you happiest.


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