Get Ready to Change

Our Lean Eating assignment this next two weeks is to pay it forward, as cliche as that sounds, and inspire someone who might be on the fence about signing up for Lean Eating. Today's assignment had us write a note saying as much. Here's my two cents:

I know it seems daunting. You've probably signed up for a million diets in your lifetime and have re-committed to various plans. This one is different, trust me. This one will lead you to your YOU; your authentic you. Somehow by following those assignments and workouts, and by putting yourself first day in and day out, the real you, the authentic you that's been hiding under those layers of fat, will evolve and emerge stronger, leaner and a changed person. Trust this program; commit to it 100%, the insanely long warmup, the uncomfortable lessons, the even-more uncomfortable bikini pictures. Commit to it, one step at a time. This program is life-changing. Get ready to change.

The presale list is open. I know I sound like a broken record, but I cannot recommend this program enough. Truly life-changing. Email me if you're interested and/or have questions.