Day 6

It's Day 6 of the Whole 30 and well, it's been fine. Relatively. The one tough time I had was making GF chocolate chip pancakes for Pete and Lucia; we have a new mix that makes the pancakes so fluffy, like cookies. They are ridiculous. Add some bacon fat and sea salt and I confessed to Pete that I had to get out of the room and go do something else.

I'm eating slowly, mindfully, and am taking lots of deep breaths before and during my meals to make sure I'm taking it all in. I put away the computer, books, phone and just eat (at least most of the time). I didn't do that this morning and noticed I didn't really remember eating my breakfast. Whoops.

I came this close to purchasing nut butter today, and was doing some hardcore justification for doing so, but lately when I eat almonds I cough a lot, so uh, I'm not sure that's the best choice for me. Pete bought Lucia peanut butter today, but I told him specifically please for the love of god do not get the kind that I love. I can't control myself. It's fine she wants to eat it, but if it's in the house it's all over.

The Whole 30 peeps have daily emails that you can sign up for ($15 for the 30 days), with an option to get the equivalent of a check mark if you stayed on track. This is one of the big motivators for me: in Lean Eating I thrived on getting my green check mark every day. So I've signed up for those, which begin tomorrow, and though I'll have a head start on everyone else, I've got a stressful week so decided I'll need all the support I can get.

Pom-poms, imma waving them crazy for myself over here. Rockin it!