What's new, what's new what's new

What's new, what's new what's new:

  • Welp, thanks to a talk with Mary yesterday I figured out that we'll be shopping at Old Navy for cute boy clothes. Sadly, my go-to for girl clothes errs on the side of dorkiness for boys, so there it is. I don't really like Old Navy's clothes for girls; they border on hoochie for me, but for boys = thumbs up. Who knew?
  • We've started watching YouTube videos of newborn babies to prepare Lucia for the teeny tiny-ness of baby and what to expect. So far, she really likes the ones where the baby gets checked out by the doctor. She's going to lose her mind when we tell her she gets to go to the doctor to see baby brudder on the ultrasound on Monday.  Also of hilarious note: the new parents' anxiety and nervousness totally comes through on these videos with them talking to the baby incessantly and/or dressing them in full-on outfits for a doctor's visit. We have SO been there; I'm not judging, it's just an observation the second time around. 
  • We might be making progress with the lawsuit from the startup. That's all I will say about that.
  • I am sick again; this time with a cold. This time, cancelling all activities including gym workouts, and just focusing on eating well and getting enough sleep. Let's hope I'm only down for the count for one week this time instead of FOUR.
  • Lean Eating is ending and I'm super sad about it. I gave it 100% until I got pregnant, then nudged down to 80-90% on the assignments, and 80% on the workouts. Despite the breaks, I'm still at 86% of workouts completed for the year, which when I read that number, I am *astounded*. This program changed me for the better in so many ways; I will absolutely do it again. Come January though, I'm repeating a phase, same for Feb, and same for March. I plan on continuing with workouts all the way up until the end, barring any complications. Then when I get the green light to resume, I'm going to start with Krista's entry workout (she designed the entire LE program) and see how things go from there. There's a lot of uncertainty for us with the adjustment of having a second kid, potentially moving, etc. in between now and then, so true to my LE way, I'm not really worrying about it and focusing more on what's in front of me today. Check out the finalists; 12 of these women were on my team and I can't believe the external changes; they totally match the internal changes. So rad. 
  • Re: Moving: we hope to be able to move before we have the baby, but we'll see what happens. Pete is pretty sure he got the PT job (they said they liked him and that he'd start training Monday), and has a freelance gig lined up and some other things in the works, so we're just standing by until things are a bit more clear on that front. We learned our lesson when we moved to Redwood City the first time not to bite off more than we can chew in a rent situ. We're both terrified of going back to a paycheck to paycheck situation. Despite Oakland's charm, ahem.