Operation Get Serious About Saving Money

And so it begins. We've been saying that once our debt is paid off we can start saving, and once we get our savings in order we can move. 

Peeps, the savings part begins now. I'm going to test to see how lean I live week to week, and say no to the siren call of the 30-40% off sales. I don't need any clothes, honestly. I have plenty of maternity clothes to grow into and plenty of my regular clothes still fit with a belly band. We're moving Pete's paycheck into an ING savings account each week so it cannot be touched. We hope to have a huge dent in our savings in the next few months. I'd like to move before new baby starts crawling, which with Lucia was 5 months. Ay yi yi. We'll see what happens with the rental market too. Stay tuned, and send good vibes!