New blog for what I ate/cooked/made

I started a new blog today as I'm really enjoying food these days and have posted on Facebook a few times and people have asked for recipes. Supreme caveat: I'm terrible at following recipes to the T. I like to wing it and improvise. I've been obsessed with salads lately (hooray!) so I've been hankering for my two oldie-but-goodie recipes. Here's one of them:

(the other is tuna, which I made this week and enjoyed until I realized I had eaten tuna the day before and OHMYGAH BABY MERCURY POISONING WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE). So I'll wait a few weeks before I post that one, ok?

Also, I was going to make pumpkin GF pancakes this weekend, but Halloween candy + being sick = higher numbers on the scale this week. Nothing to freak out over, just an awareness that I need to aim for more vegetables and protein this week. So stay tuned for those.