Back in Action

I'm back in action with my workouts and I can tell you I really missed them. The asthma/allergy medicine combo has been hugely helpful; I'm so happy to feel like myself again. Yay! I worked hard at the gym today; not too hard but hard enough to feel badass. I swear that working out is more mental than anything at this point; it keeps me in the right mindset. Tonight I had a small ramekin of ice cream to celebrate my birthday tomorrow (woo!) and man, was it good. Sometimes it's just nice to have a treat.

Birthday plans are crazy busy day at work, pick up my flourless and GF chocolate cake at the bakery tomorrow, pick up Lucia, cook dinner for the baby sitter (turkey burgers), then go out to dinner to Pican and come home for cake. I'm excited, though writing it out seems exhausting. 

In other news, the partner of one of my co-workers came to the office today with their 7mo baby. I told her I was due in April, and she asked how I was feeling, and I said "great!" It's completely different this time; the first time I basically hated the whole experience. It was awful. Now I see why people are happy to be pregnant. I'm feeling so great! She said her pregnancy was miserable. I so relate. I'm so thrilled it's a different experience for me. I'd love to take full credit, but I think a big part of it is hormones and well, eating right and taking care of myself, which is a big change this pregnancy. I'm 19.5 weeks tomorrow. Woo-hooooooooo!