White Flag

I surrender. This cold or whatever it is we're calling it, that leaves me sneezing, blowing my nose and coughing up stuff all the livelong day, and having to take my inhaler at least twice a day: I SURRENDER. YOU GOT ME. 

I called my doc and had a phoner, she called in a Z-pack. I don't really want to take antibiotics while pregnant, but given I'm relying heavily on my inhaler these days, which is a Class C drug, I am choosing to take 5 days of antibiotics instead of another 2.5 weeks with the inhaler. Enough is enough. 

Workouts have been limited to one this week, after which I fell asleep face down on the bed. Aiming to recover this weekend and to hit it hard next week. I miss my workouts, more for the stress relief than anything. Oh well. 


  1. Oh man, sorry you have been so knocked down by this cold. Hope you feel better soon!!


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