The Diabeetus

Yesterday was one of those days that I knew, the second I woke up, was going to be one of those days. Pete's working craaaaazy hours which means I fly solo three days a week, entertaining Chatty McChatterstein and trying to get out the door, kicking myself for not doing stuff the night before and why god why is the sink full of dishes again. I cobbled myself to work by 9, which was a miracle, and started my day. 

And then my boss gave her two-week notice.

I was in such a state I went home and laid on the couch watching Hulu. I couldn't sit in my cube and ponder the what-ifs and imagine myself going on job interviews pregnant. I wanted a cookie desperately. For comfort, of course. So I made myself a teeny batch of GF chocolate chip pancakes. I used the 60% Ghirardelli chips and real butter. I had three, about 3-4 inches in diameter. 

Afterwards, I felt really, really weird. I knew my blood sugar was too high. Way too high. I marked the time and got out my glucometer. Over the course of the next half hour, I tried desperately to stay awake and the insulin corrected itself. Gah. I took my blood sugar: 140, which is right on the border of where it was too high back when I had gestational diabetes. Anything over 140 and I'd get a talkin-to from the nurses. So it was borderline, but I felt TERRIBLE physically. 

Needless to say, that's the last time I'll be doing that. It's sad in a way; I wish that I could indulge. But this isn't forever (26 weeks left, in fact!) and I want to stay healthy, not only for not having diabetes, but for not gaining a lot of weight and having the zillion complications I did. 

My midwife asked me to take the glucose tolerance test but I've researched it and it requires eating 150g of carbs for three days before hand. What? At most -- on chocolate chip pancake days! - I'm eating MAYBE 75g. I would feel like dogshit if I had to eat 150g for three days straight. Good god. And I've read about women who eat Paleo and then go have that test and it comes back as a false positive, and the only treatment is to eat moderate carb and get exercise. Which I'm already doing. So I emailed my doc and she said no prob, just take my blood sugar after every meal for a few days and email her the results. Freaking awesome. I'm relieved.