That New Awesome Gym That Is In Fact Not Awesome at All and I Take it All Back.

Welp, that was short lived. Due to crappy sleep last night and possible, possible hormones today, I was all kinds of ragey by the time Pete got home from work, which was btw a half hour later than when we agreed, and stormed off to the new! gym! Today was going to be a new chapter of working out. 

Until it wasn't. For starters, it's a long freaking walk. It's 0.6 miles, but at least six stoplights, so it takes like 15 minutes to walk down there. I guess that would be OK for nights where I'm doing weights, because it could serve as my warmup. I went in and the equipment is so close together and well, cramped. I started at myself in the mirror on the treadmill, as the TVs were positioned to be in front of the elliptical machines, i.e. behind me. The treadmills had small TVs in them, so it wasn't that bad. But still. I went to get some water and there's no water fountain on the first floor. WTF. I ran upstairs to discover the weight room 1. stinks 2. is sweltering hot and 3. the water fountain has lukewarm water. Effing A. When I got back to the treadmill it had reset, so I had to start it over. Dammit. I walked another 10 minutes at 3.0 on a 5% incline, (don't laugh, I know it's wussy, but my asthma was janky today and I didn't want to push it). Then went upstairs for more water, looked around and decided to call it a night. After all, I was going to get another 15 minutes of additional exercise walking home. I can't imagine doing weights up in that weight room; it was crowded and filled with stinky dudes. Barf. The resistance balls looked filthy. 

On the walk home I decided that I would keep going to fancy gym for the rest of the pregnancy, and, as planned, look into joining CrossFit when I'm on maternity leave/ready to kick butt. The important thing for me is consistently working out throughout this pregnancy and feeling great. And I know for certain I will not work out at crappy gym, despite being $20 a month. I came home and told Pete and he said don't even worry about it; the $90 is for my health. We don't have cable. We live in a 2BR apartment and I take the bus to work as much as possible. We're not living high on the hog here. So fancy gym, don't be pulling those shenanigans again about the AC, and I'll keep visiting you 5-6 days a week. 


Walking like Frankenstein from yesterday's workout which was lovely minus the part of having no AC. But still WAY lovelier than the gym tonight.