Let's Hope I'm Right

I've long suspected this baby is a boy. Like, since 5 minutes pregnant, thought it was a boy. I feel completely different this time around, most notably, my appetite is sheer insanity which this story in the New York Times says there's a correlation to having a boy. And let's just say my sex drive has not been impacted this time around. When I was pregnant with Lucia anything remotely related to sex was *disgusting*. If anything, now it's been heightened. I was absolutely hypnotized by this woman with these incredibly awesome boobs at the gym one day a few weeks ago. I could not stop staring, like a teenage boy. I'm a heterosexual woman, why am I leering at breasts? Ahem. 

[I should also note, that I don't have a preference for boy or girl. With our history, I just want a healthy baby.]

So the conventional wisdom is we gotta boy in there. We are going back and forth about finding out. Pete really wants that moment in the hospital when they say it's a boy or girl, and I admit that sounds kinda fun. If we find out, it will likely be at the baby shower with the whole cake filling thing. But I'm leaning towards just not finding out. I also remember when we had Lucia she spent most of her early days in a onesie, and clothes/outfits were hilariously moot and more often awesome just for my entertainment/edification, only to have her poop/spitup all over them. So the whole but what will do if it's a boy for clothes argument doesn't really carry for me. I figure if it's a boy we'll go to Carter's and spend $100 and be done with that if that's the case. End of story. I'll get out the neutral clothes ahead of time and figure out what lil one can wear for the first few weeks. And I think I'll just register for swaddle blankets and other accessories that I can use whatever the case.


I saw this and had to buy it. I had a 25% off coupon (of course, I mean when is Gap NOT having a sale?) And a $25 gift card so boom. You know my feelings about orange. And navy. And sweater ensembles. I mean, come on. 

Source: gap.com via Heather on Pinterest

And the matching blanket.
Source: gap.com via Heather on Pinterest

If it's not a boy, I guess I'll find someone to give it to. Lucia had a sweater outfit like this and it was my favorite outfit on her, hands down. Cutie pie.


  1. Melissa R.1:02 PM

    I didn't find out about any of my 3--it just wasn't done in the early-mid 90s at military hospitals. Heck, didn't even have an ultrasound! But you can bet I would totally have found out. Although...it was fun to hear, It's a Girl (x 3) but I'm not a patient person and I don't like surprises so there's no way I wouldn't not be able to know if it was possible.
    Thinking all sorts of good thoughts for you!

    1. It's so funny, I can't imagine not having an ultrasound! I've already had four or five!

  2. Anonymous5:44 AM

    We didn't find out with Emily and it really added to the excitment of the day. Even the hospital staff was excited. I highly recommend holding out-Karina

  3. I think I am having a girl this time. If that Ramzi theory thing is correct, it is definitely a girl. If the appetite theory is correct (funny I linked the same article in a recent post!), it is definitely true. I was a hungry beast when pregnant with my son. Like I needed to eat something fairly substantial every 2 hours or I would die. This time, my appetite is very normal. I've had maybe 2 days of ravenous hunger compared to every single day during my first pregnancy.

    I didn't want to know at first. My husband really wants to know though. I can't bear him having knowledge I don't have (about MY body) so I might just go ahead and find out. My mom is chomping at the bit to make hair bows or whatever.


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