It Turns Out, I Have Asthma

Ahem. After being sick for 22 days, I finally went to the doctor today (although we had a phoner on Friday) and she declared me asthmatic. As in, in the middle of an asthma flare up. I told her all of the things I've done to manage my asthma, and she said those were great, but since I had the cold two weeks ago, it is just a flare up. Exacerbated by going through old clothes/stuff like we have the past two weekends (hello dust). She prescribed a mild steroid inhaler (Lucia's on it, so you know it's safe for pregnancy) and told me to go home and keep taking care of myself. Tons of sleep, saying NO, and keeping up with the allergy medicine, which I was stubborn and reluctant to take, but now admit is making me feel a whole lot better. So. Moving forward with my new inhaler. Hope I'm on the mend in a few days.