Honoring A No

I've been working on sorting some stuff out lately, and basically it boils down to this. I've identified that my intuition and gut response is so very strong. So. Very. Strong. And often very correct, minus that one time I had hormonal rage about the gym and got all pissy. Ahem. 

When I'm approached about something, an issue, an invitation, an opportunity, whatever: if I feel in my heart it's a resounding NO, instead of well, trying to talk myself out of it, or be "helpful" to another person or situation, I'm starting to say NO. Nope. Don't question the reasons why, don't try to talk about it from every goddamn angle, just know that it's a no. And Honoring it. I've gotten into FAR too many situations where I haven't done that and I've been sorry. I make myself miserable by not just cutting off the thought at the knees. A No is a No. 

Sorry if I'm being vague, but maybe you know what I'm talking about in general terms. There's nothing specific going on, just a pattern that I've identified I really want to work on. So here I go. Honoring A No. I started today and the anxiety over it almost made me barf. But I did it anyway. So that kicks ass. 


  1. One year, that was essentially my entire new year's resolution - do what I want and say no to what I didn't. And at other times I've declared it time to say YES to everything (like when I was just wanting to be alone all the time and feeling depressed). Listening to our intuition is important.

  2. It's so important! I find it's so so so easy to say yes, but wayyyyy harder to say no and really be OK with it. Baby steps. :)


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