Good News

I took my blood sugar all day yesterday after all four meals, and it was well within the healthy range. I was super excited. I've taken it today and it went up after I had some turkey chili (the beans were the likely culprit), but otherwise it looks really, really great. I'm so relieved.

After trying kefir the past few weeks, my blood sugar was nuts for a few days, so yeah, I threw the rest of it away. Dairy products when I was pregnant before were *the* thing that sent my blood sugar soaring, so yep, I guess that's where we are. The scale was up this week and I kinda freaked out about it; but emailed my Lean Eating coach, who reminded me of all the changes I've made in my life since the last pregnancy. And my weight dropped back down to a reasonable number. I've gained 5 lbs so far. All great news.


  1. I don't like the texture of kefir, but love kombucha. It's tea like, only takes about an ounce a day to do it's thing and works really well. If you liked the benefits of kefir, it's worth looking in to.

    1. Good to know. Is it chunky? I always see it and it has floaty things in it. Yuck.


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