Fun with my Friend Tums

This weekend I let myself eat basically whatever I wanted, within reason of course. No stuffing myself aloud, and protein had to be part of the picture. I made GF blueberry/banana muffins that unfortunately/fortunately didn't rise that much, so they were kinda dense and weird. But still good. I ate them and interspersed protein with them. They gave me massive heartburn. 

Last night we went out for overpriced pizza and I ordered a huge salad with chicken on it to eat first, then told myself I could eat real (GF) pizza. Result: massive heartburn. 

I re-tested both foods today: massive heartburn. 

I guess it's a good thing? That now it seems like if I eat something that's carby it just causes heartburn and therefore makes me want to never eat it again. I guess that's one way to stay on track. 


  1. No fun, but helpful all at the same time. I have noticed a similar issue with myself...and have since I was pregnant with Jonah. I had never ever had heartburn before then and didn't quite know what to do with it...Massive amounts of prednisone since then haven't helped a whole lot. Nexium is my best friend on heartburn days. It's prescription, and a little pricey, but it knocks out any flicker of heartburn or reflux.

  2. I threw the rest of the muffins in the garbage disposal today, after eating one again (WHYYYYYY) and having it cause massive heartburn. Stubborn girl, I am. :)

  3. Just say no to muffins!


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