Fitness Motto

For LE, we had to write a fitness motto. I really struggled with mine, but finally decided to stop overthinking it and commit to it. Here it is:

I am a mother, wife, and professional. I value structure and routine. I live my priorities in pursuing fitness goals. Fitness is not a means to a smaller butt for me; it's a gateway to a clearer mind, a centered spirit and a overall positive well-being.

Our habit this week and next is to write the motto, and visit it every day. I have to admit, with the changes in my body and being down for the count for all of last week with a nasty cold, I'm feeling a little uh, blergh about my shape and changes in my body. While I expect my measurements to change in my mid section and hips and breasts, I was a bit surprised this week as my biceps and thigh measurements were up. Sigh. I'm getting dough-ier. I feel yucky. This is what happens when I don't work out; it's not the doughy that gets to me, it's Feeling doughy and out shape. Working out is for my head primarily, as I noted above. I've got the Hamster Wheel Brain and it is the only thing that settles it down and helps me reframe and get perspective on what matters. 

I have to remember that this is just part of being pregnant, and that every woman struggles with this, and it's OKAY TO FEEL AMBIVALENT about it. You guys know how over the moon I am to be pregnant. I'm monumentally grateful. How I understand that this is a very, very special time with little baby and 6 more months is such a short span of time. But still, the changes are sometimes tough to reconcile. 

True to my LE lessons, I thought about three things I could do right now to feel better:
  1. View my situ as I would if it were happening to Lucia, that is, provide a bit more compassion. I'm doing the best I can. Pete has been working 12-16 hour days for 10 days straight and I've been single parenting through it. Through an awful cold and being pregnant and worrying about job stress and blah blah blah. I've done the best I can.
  2. Cut out the GF bread. I've been making myself 1/2 PB sandwich every day. Cutting out processed foods *always* makes me feel better overall. 
  3. Aim to get back to the gym tomorrow and work hard again.