And Just Like That

I'm impulsive, but I've also got great instincts. Yesterday at my super fancy gym, they decided to voluntarily shut the AC off because it was a Spare the Air day and they thought it was important to "do their part." Without advance notice to members via email, just a sign propped up that said, the AC has been turned off because the electric company asked them to, "Stay hydrated!!". I call bullshit. I say they had tiered pricing and were offered a sizeable discount and/or penalty if they did not turn off the AC. And so they made a calculation, that people wouldn't mind that much. I went to work out at 3:30, arguably the hottest time of the day, and it was stifling in there. They had fans on. I emailed the manager and complained. I pay $90 a month to go to this gym and have been disappointed lately. They raised our rates about 6 months ago, and since then it's been these showers are closed for repairs, different treadmills' TVs work, and the trainer flaking out on me, and the Fitness Director saying he would get back to me at some point about how said trainer flaked out on me (still waiting, and the trainer flaked out a week ago). 

The local gym down the street from our house is offering a deal for $20 a month, no contract. I can go after Lucia goes to bed. I'm only going to the gym to do weights; I generally do cardio outside and can creatively figure out how to do that since it's super dark in my fave neighborhood now. Even if I want to pay $20 a month to go watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians on the treadmill at the cheap gym, it seems like a no brainer. I requested and got a free three-day pass for the cheap gym. I'm going in for my first workout tonight.