There, I said it

I am ridiculously terrified of the NT Ultrasound on Thursday. Even though the chances of having a baby with Downs are 1 in 100, I cannot stop thinking about it and what if something's wrong. I think we're both terrified to get our hopes up, and until we get the all clear Thursday, I feel like I'm in limbo. :( 

Which, I'm not really. I still feel very pregnant. Boobs sore. Belly bloated. Crappy sleep. Baby is fine, I'm sure. I just can't help but worrying. I'm hoping writing here will help alleviate some of the anxiety I'm feeling. :/


  1. I will be thinking of you all....

  2. Praying for a completely and fabulously normal ultrasound. If there was something horribly wrong (I have a friend who is pregnant with a trisomy 13 baby now) they would've caught it in earlier ultrasounds already most likely.

    If something happens where the baby has Downs or something similar, you will do what you do best. You will research the crap out of it, you will make a plan and you will do the absolute best for your baby and your family that you can. It's what good moms do for all babies. Either way it's going to be a wonderful baby, with wonderful parents and a wonderful big sister. All of that being said, I am still praying for completely normal and perfect :-).

    1. Good point, and thanks. 99% chance everything is fine, so I'm trying to just go with that.


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