Operation Veg It Up

Nothing like having hunger-panic induced dreams wake you up twice in the middle of the night. Sigh. I've I've started having half a PB sandwich (GF bread) but last night made it ahead of time so I wasn't fumbling around groggy. Most of the time the panic nightmares involve me being separated from Lucia or Lucia being hurt in some way, so it's upsetting and always takes me a while to settle back down. :( Last night was worse because we had GF pizza for dinner, which made me feel terrible afterwards, i.e. lead belly and heartburn, etc. There's a reason I don't eat most GF substitutes. That's one of them. 

In other news, my workouts suffered this week with Pete having the flu. I got in a ST session Monday and I guess overdid it, since I couldn't walk right until Thursday. It's the first time that's happened in months; I think it was partially me fighting a cold/the virus myself, and partially missing my BCAA drink (post-workout recovery), which our coaches said was best to skip when pregnant, given the lack of studies on it. I drank it up to 11 weeks, so whoops. I hate to skip it now, but I double checked with my midwife and she said no too. Dang. That was my ace in the hole for working hard at the gym and being able to bounce back. I did the one ST workout and a 30 minute walk yesterday, which I woke up today sore from (WTF?). I had planned to get in another ST workout today, but woke up with my throat sore again and a stiff neck, so I guess this cold is still lingering. 

Equally thrilling: I tried kefir yesterday for the first time, and while absolutely delicious, I went from looking not very pregnant to approximately 5 months, given the tummy bloat. But it's supposed to help with lactose intolerance tremendously and is straight probiotics, so I think I'll keep trying it. perhaps just sparingly though. 

I've been trying to eat more to satisfy my constant hunger without cracking out on crap, so I went to Trader Joe's Thursday night and bought tons of healthy snacks I could eat all the livelong day without feeling crappy or guilty. Like hummus and carrots, apples, pears, and egg whites to supplement my morning eggs and spinach. My goal is to really ramp up the vegetables to increase the bulk of my meals and please god, keep me from up-ending the fridge on a daily basis. I've been waiting too long to eat too, so by the time I get something in my stomach its crap like trail mix or chips. I can do better, so now I'm just timing how much I eat so I'm ahead of the hunger and not desperately trying to play catch up. This stuff seems obvious, I know, but I'm trying very hard not to gain much weight this pregnancy and fuel my body accordingly. Operation Veg It Up is a step in the right direction, for shiz.