How Are Those Workouts Coming?

Well, thanks for asking. 

Turns out when I posted in my Lean Eating forum, someone piped up and wrote that they were a LE participant a few years ago and kept up with the LE workouts and miscarried at 16 weeks. Which is horrifying for sure. She went on to say, I'm just letting you know, I can't say the workouts were the reason but we had every test on the baby possible and the baby was totally healthy. Meaning: she thinks it was the workouts. Meaning: heed her cautionary tale. 

She meant well, I know. If that were my story I would have told it too. But it sent me into a bit of a tailspin. The overwhelming evidence (handy articles here, here, here) show that exercise during pregnancy is great for the baby and momma, and that weights are no problem, as long as you listen to your body and are smart about it. 

But I have to admit that posting made me overly cautious for a few days. 

The thing is, I'm listening to my body: I'm modifying everything to fit what feels better for me. I'm sticking with weight workouts three times a week and hill walks the other nights (but lately, I have to tell you, I've just ended up going to bed instead of going for a walk). The weight workouts are structured in a way to modify everything and I'm working closely with my coach too. For instance, this month we're doing planks with alternating superman arms (as many as you can do in 45s). I tried it once, and found I was holding my breath. No bueno for baby. So I switched to planks with one foot lifted. Same things with the push press, which if you don't know, is kinda jerky movement where you thrust the dumbells (or a single barbell) over your head. Nope. Not doing those. I know myself too well, I tend to be super intense with those exercises, and let's face it, perfect form on ANY exercise is not worth putting baby at risk. So I do an overhead press from a kneel so I'm also working my core. I've made other modifications to fit what works for me and doesn't freak me out or make me feel weird (nauseous). No jumps, no jerky movements, nothing that requires me to hold my breath. 

So my workouts, thank you for asking, are kicking ass. I pushed hard today and Saturday and felt really good. I take lots of breaks and am not lifting to 100%, more like 60-70%, and increasing my reps. I did assisted chin ups today and felt badass. 

I think in the past 8 months I've really come to terms with associating exercise with part of my identity; it is part of who I am now, so not working out isn't really an option. Also, given my history of gestational diabetes and depression, I think it's wayyyyyy more dangerous for me to stop working out than to keep going. 

So I'm keeping going. I can't say I'll be 9 months along still rocking it, but I rocked it today, and will rock it tomorrow, and the day after that. 


  1. Keep up the good work! I think it's important to stay true to those things that make you you and just be smart about it. Like they say, we often know our bodies better than anyone else. There's nothing like a good sweat to make your day turn around (in my opinion).

    1. Thanks!! I appreciate the pom-pom waving! :D


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