Everything's Fine

Of course. The measurement was 1.5 mm and anything less than 3.5 mm is considered low risk. We measured 2 arms, 2 legs, and I got to see the 2 hemispheres of the brain and stomach. Fetal heart rate was in the 160s. As soon as the radiologist started he said, Baby is measuring big. So he recalculated the due date as 4/5, which means I'll be 13 weeks pregnant tomorrow. The previous measurements varied, i.e. 6w5d measured on 6w5d, then it was 3 days off for the past two ultrasounds. But he was pretty confident since he got the crown-to-rump measurement that this was accurate. So. As of tomorrow, I'm in my second trimester. Which feels like such a relief. 

Thanks for the calls, texts and emails. I'm feeling a thousand times relieved.  


  1. So glad everything is perfectly perfect. Grow baby Grow!

  2. Parker8:27 PM

    I picked a good day to catch up with you! I'm so happy for you, mama!! And proud. You're an inspiration. :)


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