Skittle Is a Go!

Pete is going to send the video he took today, but Yes. Skittle is a go. The heartbeat was so strong on the screen, I bawled. Due date April 10. I'm 7 weeks pregnant on Wednesday. Thrilled is an understatement. 

I asked, and doc said there's a 5-10% chance I'll miscarry between now and the next appointment (2 weeks). Once I clear the next ultrasound, it goes down to 2%. 

Lucia is out of school, so she came with us today, which was kinda funny. She didn't get it at all, but that's OK. Afterwards she and I carried out our day as planned: Whole Foods for lunch (how pot roast and a blueberry muffin cost $20 is beyond me, fortheloveofgod), then the gym, where she stayed in the playcare area for 45 mins, and now chilling out at home. 

One day at a time. But man, what an awesome day. 


  1. That is the best news! Thanks for sharing


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