7 weeks today! 

My boobs are so incredibly sore. You needed to know that, c'mon. I remember them being this sore with Lucia, but not with pregnancy 2 and 3. Hopeful that's a good sign. So sore. I wince as I wash my hands, people, because the movement of hands/arms = movement of the boobs = hurts. 

Our habit these past two weeks for Lean Eating was reducing carbs, and while I'm doing the best I can, I cannot deny that say, a GF peanut butter-banana muffin is much easier on my stomach than something like chicken. Although hot chicken might be OK. Leftover chicken, nothankyou. Gross. But my overall goal for this pregnancy is to eat healthy and gain minimal weight and maintain my fitness level, so I'm rocking it as much as I can. I had regular ice cream yesterday (took Lucia out for a special treat), but walked for an hour last night. But overall I aim for vegetables at every meal, even breakfast. Last night I made pasta with meat sauce and had it over broccoli. I'm not overeating, mostly because I don't need any help feeling queasy and/or not right in the belly area. I already feel light-years ahead of where I was last time. 

About that weight gain thing up there. I'm a little skittish coming out there and saying, look I'll gain between 15-25 lbs and that's it, because I fear the wrath of well, the Internets. Although most of you I know personally and/or god knows have been reading long enough to know how the last pregnancy I basically let myself go. I listened to other people's opinion, other well-meaning people who were only speaking about their own experience, because really that's about all we have to offer most of the time, isn't it? I listened to other people and went against my instincts and well, was miserable. You remember. Don't you? It was horrendous. 

This time will be different. I've seen women I know gain a minimal amount of weight, and no surprise, there's not much to take off when the time comes. They bounce back. It's not genetics or anything else, it's taking care of yourself while you're pregnant. And that's what I'm focused on doing, one day at a time. One meal at a time, one workout at a time. Today I'm not worrying about how much I'll be squatting at 8 months, I'm focused on going to the gym at 4:30 to get my workout done. One day at a time. 


  1. I gained 8 lbs with Jonah...and promptly lost all of it at delivery. The problem with me came in after he was born and trying to balance crazy hormones and new schedules and lack of sleep...that's when I gained weight. Pregnancy wasn't horribly uncomfortable for me, I think a lot of it had to do with the lack of weight gain.

    1. Totally -- that's what I mean. I think pregnancy for me before was miserable because I was eating miserably and packing on the lbs.

    2. My diet plan with him mostly consisted of throwing up for 10 months solid (and working out)...I don't recommend the throwing up part...Healthy eating and working out is definitely a much much better solution

  2. One meal at a time, one workout at a time. Yes, indeed. That is all we can do. I am so happy that you will be doing it PREGNANT!!!!!!! I still have you in prayers every day.


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