My bloodwork came back with my HCG level of 5. So, this means likely a chemical pregnancy. Which is strangely comforting, I KNEW I was feeling different and this confirmed it. I know my body best, and it wasn't a matter of me just really wishing for symptoms, it was because of that. Chemical pregnancies, wonder doc explained to me and you can read anywhere on the internet, just mean the genetics weren't there to support an embryo. 
My HCG levels will drop in the next few days and I'll get my period, late. I don't know what the levels were or what they will be, but I know enough to know that 5 isn't really viable. But! We conceived! This is great news. I'm thankful for that, and so thankful I trusted my body and knew something was up. Hooray, killer instincts!

We have an appointment with a new Reproductive Endocrinologist on July 17, and I've signed a release to have my wonder doc release my files so the RE can review them. We're hopeful we'll just get a GO GET EM speech and evaluation, and then we can get back to Fun Times at the Hansen household, day 12-17. Although let's be honest, by day 16 that shiz gets tedious. But focusing on fun times rather than counting days and peak eggs and all that was wayyyyy more relaxing. And apparently, it worked. So here we go again.

I listened to this story last week and his statement about focusing on one pitch at a time and really staying in that moment really stuck with me. So we'll pitch again this month, and forget about what happened. One pitch at a time. When the time comes, but we're not there yet. I'm going to just focus on one day at a time. 

  • I am ok with the whole thing, right now. 
  • I might cry later. 
  • I've packed gigantic maxi pads, so whenever my period comes (please not today with my outfit planned of white shorts).
  • I'm focusing on eating more vegetables and decreasing portions. 
  • We are spending the day with close friends.
  • I'm devouring time with my kid and husband away from work, soaking up every minute.


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