Three Weeks, Yo

Three weeks until we're heading home for my high-school reunion. Twenty years. Cannot believe that. I ordered a sexy dress today, I've had my eye on for a while but finally pulled the trigger today. In imperial green and also in black; I'll decide once they get here which one to keep. Between now and then, I'll be doing the no-sugar thing. Peeps, I am not going to lie, I had approximately 2.6579 Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies yesterday. Warm. Soft. I almost died of happiness. They were so. Damn. Good. And so worth the sneezing and phlegm balls as a result today. SO WORTH IT.

But! Between now and then, you know I love me a goal! So I'm doing no sugar until then. I would say no booze, but Pete's birthday is coming up and I want to have a glass of wine for that. No sugar, no starchy carbs other than post-workout. BOOM. 

It's good to have a plan.