Pausing from the Cleaning Madness

I went to see the acupuncturist; she's a fertility acupuncturist, actually, yesterday. It went pretty well; she's really nice and sweet. I liked her. We walked through my history of pregnancies and that shit is depressing. Combined with the news of the shooting in Colorado yesterday, and the reminder of the fragility of life, had me down in the dumps all day. 

One highlight of that history? I told her about since going gluten and dairy free I'm off all of my asthma and allergy medicine. And that, friends, is pretty darn amazing. And I'm so thankful for that insight and that I'm not living life over-medicated and in crisis-response mode. I had butter/cream this week with Pete's birthday dinner and haven't felt right all week: bloated, sneezy/itchy. Could be just hayfever; could be other stuff, but it's hard not to see a correlation. 

Other riveting tidbits:

I've decided on a dress for the reunion. A mere $300 of dresses bought and returned, and I come back to the dress Mrs. F and I bought in Detroit in January 2008, when I was pregnant with Lucia but didn't know it. It looks a lot better on me now, but I'm starting to realize that A-line skirts add weight to my bottom half; straight skirts are much more flattering. 

The in-laws arrive tomorrow; we are excited to see them. Not sure how it's going to work with Pete's work schedule and mine, but I guess we'll figure it out. We're knee-deep in cleaning madness.

My weight has done the whole -+1-2 lbs for the past 6 weeks. I'm very close to either 1. starting a Whole 30 to get things going or 2. eliminating a "treat" or "reward" on the weekend. I'm trying to unlearn that whole idea that food is anything but fuel, i.e. not a reward, etc. but man that's hard. But I'm ready to get serious and buckle down. It's been a tougher week than expected, for a lot of different reasons. I'm focusing on looking ahead and doing just a little bit better each meal.