My Lord

Miserably hungover today. Then again, I'm starting to wonder if I'm just overly sensitive or insane. Don't answer that. I'm pretty sure I know the answer. Either way, listening to my body is good. Perhaps might benefit from taking my hair-trigger response to such "feedback" down a few notches. Noticing and naming is good. Noticing and freaking the eff out = maybe not?

So yeah, hungover. Drank wine like it was going out of biz with Miss Mary yesterday for a weekend getaway. The men-folk watched the bebes. So freaking fun. God I love red wine. You know what happens when I drink, right? All bets are off with eating of da snackies. Oyster crackers! More oyster crackers! Chocolate chips! Almond bark! More crackers!!! 

So, I could be hungover from that. Either way 1. so much fun 2. will probably feel better after a few days of just veggies, fat and protein and sleeping in my own bed.

Unrelated: It's babymaking week and I have promised myself to not get crazy. No crazy. No predicting or hard-fundus lining up due dates. Just go have fun.  
Unrelated 2: Really trying to get over this, though the nagging sense is what was I thinking. 
Unrelated 3: In-laws come to town this week; our to-do list is insane. 
Unrelated 4: Pete turns 40 on Wednesday. Awwww. Gushy posts on Team Hansen to follow.