Those Paleo People

Completely unrelated and definitely cranky: I've decided that in general the Paleo community, if you will, (and I won't) is a bunch of assholes. Dogmatic, smug assholes. Over at one Facebook page this week someone at this page said: Why diet when you can just eat all the Paleo food you want and still lose weight? 

Um, because it doesn't work like that. This made me mad for days because it perpetuates a myth, and honestly sounds like a damn infomercial. For some people, AHEM RAISES HAND, they need to address the underlying issues surrounding overeating. Does eating a "Paleo" diet help cut calories, control portions and blood sugar issues? Yes, absolutely. But overeating vegetables and grassfed meat is still overeating. Period. I'm so tired of watching the online debates over whether something is Paleo or not and what technically qualifies. Because it's not grassfed or because you used grapeseed oil in your homemade almond butter which will cause massive inflammation ZOMG WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE, then you're clearly sub-par to the exclusive way of life.

 Fuck that. I eat vegetables, the more the better. Grass-fed or humanely raised meat as much as possible. No dairy or gluten, and you know my off-again, on-again relationship with sugar. The end. I see more results when I swap out more veggies for meat, which BREAKING NEWS is because vegetables have less calories. Calories DO matter to some extent. Eating quality food also matters. But being able to binge eat a side of grassfed beef doesn't address the disordered thinking about food. I know, cause I've done the hard work and sat with the temptation of BUT IT'S PALEO! BUT IT'S ORGANIC CHICKEN! The more I sit with the eating until I'm satisfied but not full, the smaller I get. The end. I don't think I'm a better person for doing so, I just know that's what works for me.


  1. I love this post- I couldn't agree more- anyone who gets a "religion" with a way to eat makes me nervous. In my mind it is just disordered eating hiding out in dogma.


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