Who's lost 9% body fat in 6 months? NO BIG DEAL OVER HERE. 



  1. Anonymous1:50 PM

    HOLY SHIZZ, woman! That's a fantastic achievement and I hope you're as proud of you as I am right now!! Kinda wish I'd stuck with LE now, but the $ wasn't there and my head was not in the game back in January. How are you finding the nutrition advice/guidance, btw?

    -Hilary (in TX)

    1. Thanks mama!! It's fantastic. FAN-FREAKING TASTIC. I love this program so much. Do you think you'll sign up for the July cohort?

    2. Anonymous2:09 PM

      I am going to give it some serious thought, having heard how well it's working out for you. I may message you on FB to pick your brain, if you don't mind! I get so fearful about letting go of my calorie-counting, even though I've been plateaued since the late fall. But I know they are used to working with people who have food issues... -Hilary

    3. Girl, you know I used to have food issues up the ying-yang. Of course message me or email me at run hl run at gmail dot com for the download.


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