The Magic of 80%

For the past two weeks, I've focused on eating to 80% full. True, I've practiced my other habits, but for this particular one, I've made a strong effort to push the plate away as soon as I get to 80%. And something magical has happened, gradually. In those first few moments, there's a reconcilation that goes on: I really want to keep eating. But I know I am 80% full. But I want to keep eating. But I know I'm full. 

It passes, it always does. Each and every time. It's not surprising that this has shown up on the scale. I mean, breaking news, right? Turns out eating less will lead to weight loss! Who knew! But I've been stunned with how applicable it is to other areas of my life. That exercise, applied 3-4 times a day eating just a little bit less, somehow is some huge life metaphor for me and working through the daily discomfort that comes with life. Disappointments, unrealistic expectations, realities of being a working parent, etc. etc. The discomfort is temporary. Pretty amazing stuff.