It Takes Two When It Used to Take Only One

One of my earliest memories was being an obnoxious (surprise!) little girl, probably around age 4 or 5, and in our lime-green Ford Pinto wagon. The song, My Life came on, and I moved up from my unbuckled seat (that's right) to sass to my mom: "Go Ahead with your own life, leave me alone."

I've thought a lot about that over the years; played out the possibility of a melodrama that I was trying to seek independence at at early age. Wondering about the dynamics with my mom at that early age. 

Then Lucia picked up the words to Ryan Adams song Two, which goes:

If you take me back
Back to your place
I'll try not to bother you I promise

Throughout my anxiety-riddled pregnancy, listening to Ryan Adams always settled me down.One night in our old place, I remember thinking I wish I knew a lullaby to sing to her, but the only song that came to mind was this one. The chorus of that particular song is:

It Takes Two when it used to take one
It takes two where there used to be only one

Lately she's been asking me to sing it -- I told her once that I sang it to her when she was a baby, and she very much likes to hear about those times and reenact them. I'm sure this serves some developmental purpose. Lucia constantly repeats the lyrics, I'll try not to bother you I promise, which makes me worried about the context of that lyric and why she's glommed onto that particular one. Does she think she's a bother to me? Is the result of our harried mornings wearing on her? 

The worrying of being a mom is never-ending. Even unexpected stuff like that. Sigh.