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Mizfit has a guest blogger today asking if Paleo is a cult. My super cranky post last week about it made me think and think about elaborating. I truly feel better eating this way, for realsies, but I know plenty of other people that feel so much better eating vegetarian or whatever. I do what's best for me. I don't proselytize or try to convince people to try it (anymore -- I think I did when I was all excited about it, and I realize in hindsight a part of me was just looking for approval/permission to do what I wanted.) I don't need that anymore. I don't care how you eat; not that it's not interesting, I'm just not going to try to convince you to eat the way I eat. That's what turns me off about the Paleo peeps. 


  1. I am always so impressed that you know what your body needs. You are so in tune with your body. It has definitely made me start to be more aware of how certain food affects me.

    I still think about how that 30 days last July that I did a sort of "Paleo" thing, I felt so good. And didn't 'worry' about what I was going to eat. It was freeing. I keep trying to get back to that and making it just how I live. I hate that I use how stressful my life is as an "excuse" to not to follow through. Especially when I know that I can not be the best for Murphy when I am not taking care of myself more. Someday I will write again about all of that. For now, I am just so tired and too involved.

    Just so you know, I may not always respond to what you write, but I always read. I always get something out of it, too. Thanks:).


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