The Essentials

Through a lot of trial and error and more often than not, feeling shitty after business travel, I think I've finally figured out a system that works to help 3-4 day trips not end with me feeling crappy for an entire week. Most business trips, at least for my job anyway, I come home feeling hungover, burned out, constipated and bloated. No bueno. Last week I came home feeling OK and was psyched to get on the scale on Saturday (my weigh in days). 

The essentials are: vegetables and then more vegetables, water, and sleep quality. Eureka, right? (she says sarcastically)

Vegetables: For travel in general I typically low-carb it, but adding tons of vegetables last week made all the difference. While I picked a shiny new hotel to stay in for all three nights last week, I knew I'd be relying on the free hotel breakfast for most days. My first morning I choked down two overcooked hard-boiled eggs at the hotel. Gah. The rest of the offerings were gluteny or sugary. No. I headed to Trader Joe's and got some of their prepared salads and ate them around mid-morning. Eating frequently, and allowing myself a bit more carbs in the way of fruit or ahem, a Larabar, also seems to help. Yesterday I got a bowl from Chipotle with extra chicken and vegetables, and split it in half for lunch time then snack time. We have granola bars, cookies and snack mix on hand at these meetings for our staff to eat, but eating other stuff that doesn't make me feel shitty frequently makes those options much less appealing. Plus you know the vegetables provide fiber, which keeps things running, GI-wise. 

Water: I consume WAY WAY WAY too much coffee on these trips, but they're draining and since I'm participating in public meetings with an often-hostile public, they don't want someone who can jazz hands their way out of an answer, they want actual substantive information. Meaning, I have to be ON for 6-7 hours at a time. Drinking more water last week seemed to really help with the overall fatigue. I got one of those Brita filter water bottles so I could refill anywhere. Handy. I still drink too much coffee, but I'm also hydrating with water so I feel less guilty about it. 

Sleep quality: Dudes, I don't know if you know this but epsom salts have the same magnesium that settles ya down just like Natural Calm. And according to my Lean Eating program trainer, epsom salts work better because when you're soaking you're absorbing it through your skin. Freaking yes. I'm not going to take my gigantic container of Natural Calm with me and spoon it out over dinner with my colleagues, so I went to Walgreens last week and got some Epsom Salts with lavender. HELLO. Amazeballs. I soak every night (hooray for clean hotel bathtubs, unlike ours at home!) and am able to actually sleep. I also avoid TV or the Internet or my phone post-bath to keep my brain in relaxy mode. Hotel sleep is traditionally the WORST. I'm all unsettled because I'm not at home and a woman traveling alone and I wake up 10000 times thinking DID I OVERSLEEP?????????????????????? That happened one night last week; then I got the epsom salts. Now I sleep solid. 

I'm coming home very late Thursday night, but I'm checking out Fresh & Easy today for prepared salads, perhaps scouting for some new concealer. And now, I'm off to hit up the hotel gym, which actually has brand-new equipment and a gulp -- pull up station. I fully suspect being able to only hang there for a few seconds, but imma try my best.