Welp, yesterday I was down down down in the dumps about my progress in Lean Eating. My weight nudged down -0.8 this week, and I was expecting a bigger number given time-o-da-month timing. It was our day to upload our photos, measurements and weight. And while I took my measurements and weight, I didn't take my photos and I still haven't uploaded any of it. I was super down and just effing OVER IT. The last two habits have been things that aren't challenging for me: sleeping and drinking water. Yawn. So I was down. I told Pete. He is such a thoughtful person and always weighs his words before speaking. He thought for a minute, then said, "I'm actually glad to hear that. You're not a robot. You've been going so hard and so dedicated. This is part of the journey. This was bound to happen." 

And it was. I went to the forums and saw one of my Twitter peeps and fellow LE-er was in the same boat. We comiserated. This morning, someone chimed in and said maybe go back to the pre-sleeping habit of writing everything down, and I thought, Eureka. EUREKA. That's it. Also, and TOO MUCH INFORMATION ALERT! I've been massively constipated, and that problem seemed to fix itself today. So yay! 

So this week, I'm committing to 1. writing everything down on my phone 2. getting in 2 servings of vegetables with breakfast (this truly makes a huge difference in my satiety all day, not to mention regularity, ahem). I'm heading out of town tomorrow, so I'm going to Trader Joe's near my hotel and getting garden salads to eat with the hotel breakfast. I love salads, and apparently they love me. 


  1. Oh Heather, you crack me up. And I mean that in the most wonderful way. Your sass comes through in your words. You are tough & dedicated (well, that part doesn't crack me up. That is just awesome.) You just keep on keeping on. You show courage & bravery. What an incredible role model you are for your little Lucia. I can see the 'sass' in the sparkle in her eyes, too.

    1. Oh thanks Julie! You are the best. HUG!


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