Pregnancy test was negative yesterday; expecting my period today/tomorrow. 
  1. I'm not pregnant. WTF. 
  2. We just started trying; my body has been through so much, it's only been 1 real cycle that we've tried.
  3. I'm 38.5 holy shit I'm worried about my fertility. 
  4. I'm 38.5 I have plenty of time. Worry a year from now. 
  5. I'm having "fertility problems" therefore needed to be "treated as such."
  6. I'm not pregnant and want to be pregnant, so let's try some new things like acupuncture.
On the upside, and it's not much but I'll take it, I've got another month to kick some more mothereffing ass at my fitness and nutrition goals. 

We'll use the Ovulator 3000 this month (we couldn't get it to work last month, so we used the smiley face sticks. 

I bawled yesterday; I'll probably bawl today. This sucks.


  1. I am sorry, I know hat a long road this has been for you.

    1. Thanks Jen. Onward and upward.


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