1. These pants fit. Hello. They are at least two inches too long, but they fit. Purchased nearly five years ago. NBD = No big deal. Peeps. I still can't believe it. 
  2. Pete's big interview is tomorrow. SEND GOOD LUCK VIBES PLEASE! He's presenting his work and it involves five interviews. No biggie (GAH). 
  3. I'm trying my branch-chain amino acid drink today for the first time, as required by LE, and am hopeful it does everything it is supposed to, i.e. help me recover faster. My legs yesterday were so insanely sore.
  4. I'm working from home tomorrow -- freaking YES. I can get tons of stuff done in the background while working. Like take my stuff to the dry cleaners/alterations. And make cupcakes for my friend's little peanut who turned 1 this week. 


  1. Awesome on the pants. And I can't believe that I commented on the original post about the pants. Wow, I have 'known' you for that long. Weird, huh.

    I hope the whole interview process went well for Pete.

    Take care!!


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